Portable Fall Protection Jib, 2-Person Rated, 15' Arm, 15' Height

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Environment: Indoor
Self-Retracting Device: Not Included

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Fall protection rated jib/swing arm on counterweight base designed to be moved via forklift.

• Capacity Rating:  2-Person (passable)

• Arm Reach:  15'-0"

• Height to Trolley Eye:  15'-0"

• Base Foot Print:  8'x8'

• Counterweight:  8,000 lbs.

• Rotation:  360° to follow worker overhead while connected

• Steel enclosed track construction

• Multi-position boom lock included for safety during travel

• Trolleys Included

• Meets or Exceeds All Applicable ANSI & OSHA Standards

• Manufacturer's Warranty:  10 Years

Rigid Lifelines portable base swing arm anchor track system provides fall protection that is ideal for tight, narrow spaces.  This system provides 360° mobile protection for locations indoors or outdoors.  Depending on the system size, the portable base weighs between 2,000 and 10,000 pounds.  Moveable by forklift.

(Outdoor option includes continuous welds, epoxy finish & stainless steel wear ring)


Dimensional Drawing (pdf)

Catalog Sell Sheet (pdf)

O&M Manual (pdf)

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