Roof Hatch Guardrail w/ Swing Gate, Aluminum

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Size (hatch flange width x length): 30in x 36in

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Roof Access Hatches are designed and engineered for use over roof openings and are secured from the base flange to the roof for superior durability, safety, and ease of installation. The innovative clamping system eliminates the need to drill holes into the hatch or roof surface jeopardizing the roof warranty. These hatches provide convenient, cost-efficient rooftop access, allowing for ladder and stair access to the roof from the interior of the building. 

  • Aluminum Construction - corrosion resistant and lightweight
  • Can be installed in minutes
  • Meets OSHA requirements for roof top openings
  • No roof penetration - protects roof warranty
  • Features a self-closing gate and grab bars
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty

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