5 ton Screw Lock Clamp, Omnidirectional - WF Series

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  • 5 metric ton Rated Capacity
  • 0.35" to 2.08" Jaw Opening
  • One of the world’s lightest screw clamps:  Main body, cam, and screw are made of special alloy steel which is manufactured using our original heat-treatment process.  They are compact and superior in strength.
  • The round double cam lock design allows for a stronger clamping capacity and safe operation.  The turning of the round double cams engages the clamp load.  Both cams contact the internal spherical surface assuring safe operation, free from slipping.
  • Two lifting holes allow for omnidirectional, vertical, and horizontal lifts.
  • The clamp can be used to hoist inclined loads such as I-beams. Do not place on a beam taper that exceeds 10°.
  •  The fine screw threading creates a vibration-resistant clamp.
  •  Round cam and screw are corrosion resistant with the main –body of the clamp having a baked finish.
  •  Lifting & Transporting:  General steel products such as H beams, I beams, steel plate, channel, and angle iron.  Various structures also include steel braces and pillars.
  •  Suspension:  Clamps can be used for suspending manual chain hoists, electric chain hoists, etc…
  •  Dragging:  The clamps can be used for pulling bottom steel boards and other objects along the ground.

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